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Share this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with your school principal, vice principal, teacher, guidance counselor, or university president so that fellow classmates can make history with you.

During consultation, we provide additional information for those who are willing to participate in our Creative Book Writing Projects. We will gladly answer all your questions and concerns so that you feel more than comfortable partnering with The DeVan Group Publishing.

We strongly encourage schools to schedule soon for the upcoming school year. In order to guarantee quality publishing, we limit the number of schools we can process within the school year. Some schools schedule two projects per school year, once in the fall and spring.

We provide quality initiatives and support to organizations through Coaching, Motivating, Inspiring and Publishing

The Problem

Millions of children in North America and around the world suffer from various social issues, ranging from low self-esteem to poverty. The upcoming generation faces an enormous amount of negativity projected through society and the media. What are the options for hope? If a child repeatedly experiences failure and has very few positive opportunities, then why should they see the future differently? If this mindset does not change, we may be witnessing the growth of a generation of young people who have absolutely no confidence in their abilities to make a significant-positive impact on society.

The Solution

"Positive" and "Pride" are inspiring words. If you sow Positivity and Pride you will reap the same. Despite their challenges, young people need to be affirmed as often as possible. They need to hear themselves speaking positive messages.

​Every child has something inside that can be ignited to fuel a new beginning. Every child wants someone to believe in them, to see that they do have bright possibilities despite their present challenges.

​Our Creative Book Writing Pride Projects offer an opportunity for every child, regardless of their academic, socio-economic or behavioral status, to make a positive impact on their own life now. Students get to see their own names and positive thoughts immortalized in a published book they will co-author. This will give them the tools to start a new and inspiring chapter for themselves and their families.

Think about this - the opportunity to help enrich one student’s educational experience through creative writings is an opportunity to change the future for every person he or she influences. We challenge students from middle school to University level to give society a reason to believe in them and their future and to make those reasons tangible and enduring.