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Every student has something inside that can be ignited to fuel a new beginning

The DeVan Group has been coaching, motivating, and inspiring children, youth, and university students for over 30 years. Our team consists of educators, students, parents, community leaders, pastors, authors, editors, and concerned citizens in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

​We are committed to providing game changing opportunities for all communities and academic institution in order to give students maximum opportunity to express who they are and how they plan to impact their world.

Publish your words your way.

Sample Themes

  • I will sharpen my intellect daily because...
  • Please trust me with the keys because...
  • I am a unique "me" because...
  • I run with patience because...

Scholarship Awards

Once assignments are completed and books are published, the student body will choose the top 5 writers, who will receive scholarships. Additional scholarships are available for the highest sales.

Other Initiatives

  • National Oratorical Contest (Spring 2018)
  • National Creative Writing Contest
  • Create-your-own-Business Contest (Grants Available)
  • National Humanitarian Award
  • Most-Improved Student Award
  • National Short Film Award

Tell Your Story

Our Creative Book Writing Pride Projects offer an opportunity for every child, regardless of their academic, socio-economic or behavioral status, to make a positive impact on their own life now. Students get to see their own names and positive thoughts immortalized in a published book they will co-author. This will give them the tools to start a new and inspiring chapter for themselves and their families.


Meet the Founders

James & Maxine Black are the founders and owners of The DeVan Group, LLC. For the past 37 years they have traveled the world serving youth and young adults in the areas of leadership training and community engagement. They are committed to providing support initiatives for encouraging students to perform at optimum levels academically and socially. James has written more than 13 books and resources, and Maxine has served as editor and manager for publishing. Together they have used their experience to set up the Creative Book Writing Initiative for students to become authors. They have been married for 36 years, and have 3 grown children and 6 busy grandchildren. James and Maxine enjoy traveling, horses, motorcycles, boating, gardening, working with youth, and spending time with family.




What Participants Are Saying

Meet parents and students from the Jeff Hunt Traditional Shotokan Karate School. They worked together to publish a book called I Now Know... Find out how participants felt about becoming published authors.




Where young writers become authors

The DeVan Group has been coaching, motivating, and inspiring children, youth, and university students for over 30 years.