Return Policy

The DeVan Group guarantees the customer’s satisfaction with cover and text proofs. If The DeVan Group cannot satisfy the customer, The DeVan Group will refund the entire deposit amount if customer wants to cancel the project. However, once proofs are approved The DeVan Group will charge for all work and services performed, even if the project is subsequently canceled.

The DeVan Group warrants that material produced and delivered by The DeVan Group meets The DeVan Group‘ standard specifications for the material or such other specifications as described on our website and meets generally accepted industry standards.

All custom-printed The DeVan Group products are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in quality and workmanship. If any custom-manufactured product produced by The DeVan Group from or through the use of materials is found to be defective in quality, or is shipped or labeled in error, The DeVan Group will replace or repair defective product and/or correct error in shipment or labeling at its own expense or, at The DeVan Group‘ option, refund to customer part or all of the purchase paid to The DeVan Group, on the condition that a) written notice of such defect or error is received by The DeVan Group at its office within thirty (30) days after shipment by The DeVan Group to customer, and b) the defect or error did not result from a defect or error in the materials supplied by or on behalf of the customer. If said notice is not received by BookBaby within the date indicated above, The DeVan Group will be deemed to be released by customer from any and all liability.

The customer shall return any defective product to The DeVan Group should The DeVan Group so request. No merchandise may be returned to The DeVan Group without written return authorization by The DeVan Group. Product reruns or purchase price refunds will be prorated based on the quantity of defective merchandise returned.

Prior to returning any product, you must obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number from The DeVan Group. The RMA number must appear on your address label. The DeVan Group reserves the right to refuse delivery of any item returned without an RMA number.

The DeVan Group is not responsible for any loss of revenue or profit or other financial damages of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, suffered by the customer for any reason whatsoever.

Order Cancellation

Orders for products not yet manufactured by The DeVan Group may be cancelled by either party at any time. The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred by The DeVan Group related to pre-manufacturing or manufacturing of any product, prior to receipt of notice of cancellation. After such cancellation, the customer’s materials and any completed product may be delivered to the customer only after all sums owed to BookBaby have been paid in full by cash or check.

Unless an author purchases The DeVan Group editing services, The DeVan Group does not provide editorial services as part of the file review process for book printing or eBook distribution orders. Proofs will be printed and distributed as approved.