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The DeVan Group (TDG) is the publisher for the U Finish the Sentence... Series and the Believe In Me Because... (BIMB) Book Writing Projects.

Management And Publishing Service

Each book project requires a minimum of 200 students per book volume. TDG provides a TURNKEY, RISK FREE, NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION, management and publishing service in order for schools and students to become authors and co-authors.

Track Your Students’ Progress

TDG will provide a web link with simple instructions for school administrators and students to follow in order to make the process smooth and seamless. All writing assignments are considered extracurricular and will not disrupt your class schedules nor impose additional responsibilities on teachers.

Write During Your Free Time

Student participation is strictly voluntary, and can be done during students’ free time or at home.

Theme Based Writing Assignments

Each creative writing assignment is based on a theme provided by TDG, the student body, or school administration. Generally, assignments only take about one hour to complete.

It Starts With A Sentence

Each student will complete a “theme starter sentence” by writing half or full page. Once completed, writings will be compiled into a beautifully designed book representing their school.

Parent Consent Is Required

Parent/guardian consent is required for publication. A separate minor consent form must be signed by the parent/guardian of each student under the age of 18 years of age. Parents are encouraged to assist students with accuracy and to make sure they are comfortable with what their child is expressing. Responses will be edited for grammar/spelling.

Your Voice – Your Future

Writings will be compiled by grades or university classification. Students are identified by name, grade level and brief bio. Start contacting your classmates today. Make this happen for you!

Project Management Is Available

Once writing assignments are completed, TDG will provide project management. Organizing, editing, draft review and printing can be completed within an estimated 45 days or less.

Seal Of Approval Before Printing

Principal/Administrator (or designated staff) must approve and sign off on final draft prior to going to press.

Design Your Own Book

Book Cover Design Contest (Optional) – TDG will provide compensation to student who wins the contest. Student body decides the final.

The Editing Process

During editing process (generally two weeks) TDG will assist students in marketing their book to family and friends. We recommend each student sell a minimum of just 10 pre-ordered books in order to qualify as a book author with sales. All online purchases. This entitles each student to receive an Official Authorship Certificate. This certificate brings major value to their resume or reference in applying for scholarships.

Media Day

Media Day Celebration (Optional) – Family and friends inviting for Students Book Signing and Receiving of Certificate. TDG will have representative present.

School Royalties

Earn up to 20 percent back on every book sold, with 80 percent student participation.