Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can we start our project at any time? Yes, we operate year-round and can start whenever our client is ready.
  2. What is the purpose of the consultation? It’s the orientation to the website, the presentation, the process, and the financial benefits showing how all the dots connect.
  3. How is our book-writing campaign managed? Everything is managed from your dedicated webpage (Example: Direct everyone to your site for writing or uploading submissions, sign consent to publish form, preorder books, monitor the number of submissions, monitor sales progress, and download marketing items.
  4. How much work is involved in managing this project? We try to make it as easy as possible for our clients. We just ask that you let us take care of the development part while you own the project and market it like it’s yours.
  5. How much does the book cost? The plan is to keep the cost to a minimum. Generally, if the book has 100-150 pages – approximately $13.50 – $14.50. For 150-200 pages – approximately $14.50-$15.99.
  6. When do we receive our royalty? We usually settle at the close of the preorder campaign.
  7. What if we need more time to reach our preorder goal? Most clients ask for extensions. This is your project. We follow your lead with time.
  8. Where are the books shipped for distribution? To keep shipping cost to a minimum, we recommend bulk shipping for all local orders. They can be distributed during the book signing celebration.
  9. Can we include artwork and poems in our book? Yes, absolutely. We encourage creativity. While interior pages are generally not printed in color, artwork can still show well. Contact your project coordinator for specific directions for including artwork.
  10. Why do we need a minimum of 100 writers? From our experience, clients who have too few writers struggle to make the project work as a fundraiser.