1. To mark an order shipped, mouse over the Shipped entry and click view
  2. On the right click the blue Edit button
  3. Scroll down to Shipped? and click yes
  4. Underneath fill out the Ship Date
  5. Then Update the record

6. To notify the customer go here for projects or here for individuals. Select all boxes that you have shipped.

7. Click Bulk actions and select Resend Notifications then click Apply. Select Notify Shipping and the Click Resend Notifications at the bottom.

If you have more then 5 entries to ship you may want to export them with a spreadsheet.

  1. Go to this page
  2. Select to form needed
  3. Select all fields
  4. To export Shipped entries use conditional logic at the bottom.
  5. Click plus sign to add condition

It will have multiple fields to fill out

  1. Select Shipped? in the first field
  2. Select is in the second field
  3. Select NO in the third field

Finally, click the download button